Stanford Functional
Genomics Facility


The following equipment is available to reserve on a 24/7 basis for all SFGF users. Please log into the SFGF reservation website to reserve time on the equipment.

This table is currently being updated (February 2012).

Agilent BioAnalyzer 2100

  • 12 channel electrophoresis

Agilent Microarray Scanner

  • 2um spacial resolution
  • 48 slide autoloader
  • $250/hour

Axon 4000B Microarray Scanner

  • 5um spacial resolution
  • $35/hour

Applied Biosystems 7900HT Real-time System

  • 384 well plates
  • Array cards
  • $12.50/hour


Gel Analysis and Scanning


GE Typhoon TRIO


LI-COR Odyssey


Sample Analysis

NanoDrop ND-1000

Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer


NimbleGen 12 Bay System



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