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Illumina BeadArrays

The Illumina Gene Expression microarray system uses total RNA as starting material in the study of human and mouse systems using Direct Hybridization Assays with broad content of more than 48,000 probes covering RefSeq and UniGene annotated genes.

Whole-Genome Expression Beadchip Highlights

For example, each array on the HumanHT-12 BeadChip targets more than 25,000 annotated genes with more than 48,000 probes. Illumina guarantees that > 99.99% of the bead types will be present on any given HumanHT-12 array.
To see all of the available Illumina whole-genome expression beadchips, visit ______

A minimum of 250ng of total RNA is required for beadarray tests, but for optimal results ~800ng is preferred, at a concentration of 25ng/ul or greater.
Prior to the test, we will assess the quality and quantity of samples by NanoDrop. Depending on the quality of the RNA, it may be necessary to run Bioanalyser-Lab on the chip (additional $75).
The procedure takes 3 days and your results are given in a text (*.txt) file.
Other formats for data are available on request. 

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